Frederick the nice out of Prussia (1712 – 1786)

“I wish … not to to have it thought to be a defect,” he extra, “for Jesus Christ performed an identical, and that I can not be charged. Christ free asexual chat and dating UK had John, and i also features George.”

Queen Christina off Sweden (1626 – 1689)

It’s difficult to separate reality regarding fictional with this particular seventeenth-100 years Swedish royal: The lady predilection to have dressed in men’s room clothing and watching literature, browse, alchemy and other male-dominated factors spurred gossip Christina are a sexual deviant otherwise intersex.

“You’ll find nothing feminine regarding this lady but their intercourse,” a great Jesuit priest authored for the 1653. “The lady sound, her technique of talking, the lady stroll, the lady style, their suggests are all slightly male.”

Oliver Cromwell’s assistant away from state John Thurloe said with the Christina’s “Amazonian choices” and said that “characteristics is actually misleading in her own,” if you find yourself salacious French brochures said she are “perhaps one of the most ribald tribades have you ever heard regarding,” making use of the contemporary label having an effective lesbian.

“The newest monarch might have been explained at the best because ‘unconventional’ as well as poor because an impulsive, over-mental murderer,” historian Amy Saunders wrote regarding the Royal Knowledge Log. “Christina’s sex and you may intercourse had been constantly reconstructed, re-tested, and you can re-translated.”

“Just how pleased I will end up being only if I could see you, Gorgeous You to definitely,” Christina authored so you can Sparre within the 1656. “But I am destined of the destiny to enjoy and you can cherish your usually instead watching your. I can not become thrilled once i am split from you.”

“It’s hard to imagine exactly how Christina understood her own thinking to have Ebba, and for that from almost every other people, like the Comtesse de Suze, into exactly who she is said to was indeed enthusiastic,” Sarah Oceans, author of “Tipping the latest Velvet,” typed in the Feminist Feedback into the 1994. “You will find certainly rumors on Christina’s connections that have ladies in the woman own go out, identifying their because aristocratic ‘tribade.’”

Christina, who abdicated unlike marry, authored within her memoir one to she felt “an enthusiastic insurmountable distaste for marriage” and you will “the points that ladies talked about and you will performed.”

Although the 1933 motion picture “King Christina” inserts an imaginary heterosexual love, the movie cemented monitor goddess Greta Garbo’s status given that an effective queer symbol.

Queen anne away from England (1665 – 1714)

Anne, exactly who endured frail fitness while in the her lifetime, found Sarah Churchill when the one or two were ladies. They easily turned romantic confidants, entering a relationship you to definitely lasted well into adulthood.

“Basically you can expect to tell simple tips to hamper myself out-of creating to your daily I might,” Anne composed to their buddy. “But really I cannot … while i was away from you I can not getting at ease instead enquiring after you.”

Whenever Anne became king in the 1707, she generated Sarah and her spouse the latest Duke and you will Duchess out-of Marlborough and you will appointed Sarah brand new Keeper of the Privy Purse. Anne are hitched to help you Prince George out of Denmark, however, rumors released the a couple of lady had been that have a key love.

Sooner Sarah turned into a bit too used to the lady supply and you may dictate and you can Anne turned into alot more drawn to Sarah’s relative, Abigail Masham.

When you look at the 1708, political brochures more than likely released of the a jealous Sarah pointed to “black deeds in the evening” anywhere between Abigail in addition to king. Shortly after a last receding at Kensington Castle into the 1710, Sarah and you can Anne never ever spoke again.

“The favorite,” a fairly fictionalized 2018 account of Anne’s relationships which have Sarah and you may Abigail – filled with lesbian liaisons – obtained Olivia Colman a just actress Oscar because the conflicted queen.

Despite their life, that it Prussian royal is actually generally reported are a gay, regardless of if that title wouldn’t be coined till almost ninety many years immediately after his dying.

2 yrs after the king’s death, their doctor Johann Georg Ritter von Zimmermann published a book within the he seriously attempted to dismiss gossip Frederick got a good “Grecian preference crazy.”