Aurora’s mothers is actually overjoyed observe this lady for the first time in years

When Phillip was able to crack Maleficent’s curse by the discussing genuine love’s kiss that have Aurora, following the worst fairy’s demise, Hubert, Stefan, and you may Leah woke upwards off their slumber. On fulfilling the lady parents, Aurora embraced and you can gladly reunited together with them before they noticed its people display an effective waltz together.

Flowers, Fauna, and you can Merryweather

Established because of the herald, Blooms, Fauna, and Merryweather had been anticipate to help you Aurora’s christening, where they became the child princess’s fairy godmothers and you may adored the latest infant Aurora almost instantaneously after they very first fulfilled the woman. The latest fairies next provided Aurora particular gift ideas in which Plants and creatures gave her new presents away from beauty and you will track, respectively. Just before Merryweather you are going to promote her provide, this new evil fairy Maleficent cursed the child to help you die. Even if Merryweather been able to ease brand new curse and then make the girl fall asleep, Aurora’s moms and dads King Stefan and you may Queen Leah remained afraid in which it move on to burn off all spinning wheels on the kingdom. The nice fairies understood that the King and you will Queen’s actions was in fact decreased to safeguard the brand new princess, so that they chose to improve the lady themselves, disguised just like the peasants. With the intention that Maleficent will not manage to to track down Aurora, they cease playing with magic having sixteen years and you can called the woman, “Briar Rose.”

Nearest and dearest and you can Partners

Typically, as fairies elevated Aurora, it became to enjoy Aurora since the an excellent surrogate child even if Aurora called the fairies this lady “aunts.” On the Aurora’s 16th birthday, it desired to get ready a shock on her behalf, so they sidetracked this lady because of the delivering her off to discover specific berries. Since Aurora are out choosing fruit, she revealed so you’re able to their animal family members just how overwhelmed she is that have the new fairies still dealing with such as for instance children even after getting an bu sitede adolescent, sharing Aurora doesn’t including the fairies being overprotective out-of this lady, but she nonetheless do look after them. Just like the fairies get ready for the latest birthday party, using their magic wands, Merryweather and you may Blossoms provides a conversation on which colour Aurora’s top are going to be. Whenever Aurora returned home, they pleasantly surprised and you will wished her a pleasurable birthday, nevertheless when Aurora revealed she met and you may fell deeply in love with a man she merely fulfilled, the fresh new fairies instantaneously became worried because they know Aurora ended up being betrothed to help you Prince Phillip since the she try an infant. They then found their correct identity while the Little princess Aurora, in addition to their intentions to come back the lady so you can this lady moms and dads you to night. Aurora turned heartbroken as this required one to she’d never come across this lady real love once again, leaving the latest fairies unfortunate over being forced to express that it reports having this lady.

One nights, it delivered Aurora into the palace and you will once delivering the girl into the one of the castle room, they offered the girl a top since something special, however, Aurora had been disappointed from the her set up relationships, so that they left the lady alone so you can grieve. When you find yourself seated exterior, the fairies mention into the Aurora’s install matrimony and you may in advance of they can create a final decision to tell Queen Stefan regarding the child, it discover Aurora was possessed because of the Maleficent, who were informed out of Aurora’s whereabouts from the their raven, Diablo as he discovered the fresh fairies hideout when seeing Blossoms and Merryweather’s discussion prior to. The fairies went on to follow Aurora and you will conserve the woman of Maleficent. But unfortunately, because Aurora pricked the lady fist with the spinning wheel you to definitely satisfied brand new curse, Flowers, Merryweather, and you may Fauna have found the girl far too late, much to their horror and you will anxiety, since these are generally briefly exposed to Maleficent, which mocks him or her of trying to cease her and trying to to guard Aurora. Shortly after getting Aurora during intercourse, brand new fairies chose to place the kingdom inside strong bed up until Aurora awakened.