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Good topological analog regarding an excellent relativistic, locally curved space-time locus as much as a space

Allow me to stop given that moment. Can we replay one to area? Thank you. Notice how the full geometry is actually an enthusiastic ellipsoidal prolate spheroidal cavity which has had a sub-space regarding an effective toroid traversed of the good hyperbolic, non-linear Einstein-Rosen connection. Exactly what do such nested fields look like to you personally, beloved members of the family? (Mix talk and comments). Needless to say! Just what more? A space-time torus with an Einstein-Rosen connection hooking up its median affairs! Here, people and you will men. you’ve got the scientific facts your slogan of one’s Order, the brand new dictum of the ancient sages, “Once the Significantly more than, Therefore Below . While the Within, Very As opposed to” is medically and you will neurophysiologically proper and accurately thus! These molds, wh ich all of you understand since hyperspatial four-dimensional plots, are indeed magnetized-acoustical resonance chambers. Note that such amazing geometries could be the synergistic effectation of the brand new magnetic areas ones half dozen organs in the middle of the ventricles, according to the rooftop of your choroid plexus and corpus callosum. See what happens if i subtract the realm of even a beneficial solitary body organ, let’s say the brand new pineal gland. Observe how it transform the whole construction?13 And you will, easily add the share of your mamillary system, it just w idens the fresh new pipe, correct? If in case i add the occupation on reticular creation, the particular owner routine network, exchange and you will switchboard of your own notice in which all of the swells is actually began, exactly what do we obtain? 2nd physique, please? We obtain a tunnel consolidating for the main ellipsoid al field. About monitor, it is the orange colored grid.

By the way, I shown which filmstrip and you may discussed my personal idea and you can equations having Teacher Penrose, who searched interested to start with, however, most politely declined any further opinion otherwise organization with me after that

To conclude, what exactly is all of our Mid-Attention or Inner Cavity? It’s an effective relativistic spatio-temporal cavity with local enfolded hyperspatial links you to experiences harmonic resonances to help you magnetic and you will acoustical stimuli. The new effects are almost substantial, if i can use the word, because the an unit and method based on which book scientific information ensures that our mental faculties it’s actually the one and only a biological space-go out energy transducer. Therefore, it can make just place, also date. Our anci ent Chinese forefathers managed you to “this new Tao was a student in our very own head”, put simply, the Universe was a student in our very own head! My own inference from this research is that space and you will go out is basically naturally modulated, perhaps even developed, to own my personal equations sh ow one to possibility. Would be to it intuitive medical understanding end up being proper, it create obliterate physics, biology, thinking and you will theology in one single, clean blow.

14 I do believe the guy realized the new feeling associated with the book principle. He could be still believing that quantum mechanics is the treatment for define attention functions and you may awareness. I differ. I think it’s Standard Relativity and you can Unified Community a los angeles Einstein, sheer and easy. Quantum phenomena isn’t the lead to, but merely the result, and you may production isn’t mathematical. It’s wholeheartedly deterministic, maybe not kept to opportunity, but so you’re able to precisely devised potentials, not industries. The latest potentials are the lead to, the sphere could be the effects. Essentially, sheer magnetism and s ound certainly are the potentials. Energy is the job. Magnetism and you will sound don’t “travel” therefore, to own he or she is naturally enfolded in space consequently they are everywhere. It is the interference one to excursion. While doing so, electricity charge, hence energy, do travel, whilst needs an actual average. It is apparent that individuals however do not understand sometimes magnetism otherwise the true nature regarding voice.